Top tips for working with brands and how to negotiate

Back in April we spoke at the Traverse conference to a packed (well mostly) room of bloggers about working with brands and how to negotiate when it comes to commercial campaigns.

For everyone who came along, thank you we really appreciated your support and if you missed it, here are our top tips.

  • Stay authentic and true to your audience
    • A brand may come along and offer you oodles of cash for a commercial campaign but, if it doesn’t fit within your blog seamlessly we would strongly advise you to carefully consider before agreeing to take the campaign on
  • Be prepared to negotiate the fee
    • Obviously both sides will want to get the best deal but don’t be afraid to negotiate for your fee. Work out realistically how much time the content creation process is going to take you and work your fee out based on that. If a brand comes back and says the fee is too high for their budget then negotiate with them to reduce the number of content elements required
  • A basic one, but a very important one – Always read the contract thoroughly
    • We know this is obvious but make sure you read through the contract thoroughly and if there are parts you’re not happy with, discuss with the brand and find middle ground on which you can both agree on. All too often contracts are signed without being read properly and an influencer will find themselves creating far more content than the fee is worth
  • Don’t be afraid to say no
    • We know it can be difficult to turn down money especially when you’re self-employed but, if the campaign isn’t right for you or negotiations haven’t achieved a happy point for yourself and the brand then say no. There is no shame in turning a campaign down, if anything the brand will respect you more for saying it’s not right for you. If you can then do suggest other influencers who you think it might be right for – brands love this and often you may suggest people they hadn’t even considered.

If you’re working with brands commercially but would like someone to take away the admin and negotiation side of those campaigns please do drop us a line as we can help.


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