Elevating your brand through influencer marketing

The way consumers interact with brands has completely changed in recent years and much of this is down to the evolution of social media.

As a brand you can now talk directly to your customers through your social channels and blogs, but with so much competition how to do achieve cut through and make sure your voice is heard?

Cue influencer marketing, if done well, it can elevate your brand and have a real impact on sales and bookings. Unlike traditional advertising, you can follow the customer journey to your website through Google Analytics which gives clear measurements and shows direct results from an influencer marketing campaign.

Consumers trust influencers and their recommendations because it feels more like a friend telling you how amazing something is, rather than a brand itself. A potential customer is more likely to buy something recommended by their favourite influencer than a magazine. They have a direct impact on your sales as a brand.

There are literally thousands of amazing influencers out there all creating unique and individual content, the important thing to consider when working with an influencer is their fit to your brand. As a brand you should be working with those you have an authentic and similar ethos to you.

We can’t stress enough how working with influencers is not a ‘free’ way to gain exposure for your brand, to really elevate the content created there should be some kind of payment whether it be ‘in kind’ for example a press trip to a fabulous destination or monetary, no one should be asked to work for free.

If you’re considering working with influencers to elevate your brand and impact on sales and bookings but don’t know where to start, please do drop us a line as we can help.

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